Blog 7

A man’s wife was fired from Cracker Barrel on her birthday. His initial post on their Facebook page sparked an outburst as people banded together to defend Brad’s nameless wife. Thousands of people have taken to posting on the official Cracker Barrel page–with no response from Cracker Barrel’s public relations staff.


This the link to a full story coverage of what went down on Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page.

Craker Barrel has not released any statement about the firing of Brad’s wife, which in retrospect is exactly what I would advise if I were on their crisis management team. This is a situation that can be interpreted many different ways–some people were commenting on how Cracker Barrel is known for discrimination, and this is just another example of it.

However, I feel that if Cracker Barrel released any statement, about how she was justifiably fired, it would be spun by protesters, ultimately creating a bigger uproar than already. As of know, it is only a joke, with most people only taking notice for fun. But if this were to turn into a social issue, this crisis would get more attention–and the wrong kind at that. bradd wife


For now, I think Cracker Barrel is handling this situation well, by not handling it at all. Although, they have removed the ability to post on their page, forcing people to comment on advertisements that they themselves have posted to their own page. If things progress, maybe Cracker Barrel should consider releasing a statement, but for now I think they are safe.