Google’s YouTube Advertisement Blunder

In a massive company that has found mostly success than failure in its existence, it is now finding its YouTube advertisement campaign to be one its most troublesome failures. It is no secret that Google has placed their own ads and those of corporate partners on its YouTube site. However, it has been recently brought to attention that Google has allowed their ads to be placed on some inappropriate videos. One such example is a radical Islamic video that is shown in the article linked below and on the Facebook group.

Since users have noticed its advertisements, there has been an uproar targeting YouTube’s parent company, Google, which is the source of the advertisements. Since the crisis was brought to attention, Google has since then apologized and are currently re-evaluating their YouTube advertisement policy so their ads will appear in less inappropriate videos. Such changes to their policy may include hiring actual people to monitor their ad algorithms, which may be easier said than done, as YouTube is a host to literally billions of videos with thousands more being posted every day.

Difficult nonetheless, Google should apologize, which they have, and still perhaps hire some monitors for these algorithms. While there is an abundance of content on YouTube, algorithms are in place for a reason. While actual people can’t actively monitor every single video, they can monitor the algorithm, and when an ad appears on a controversial video and users are alarmed, the algorithm is altered.