A Subtle Voice in Trying Times: A County in Concern.

Children, the custodians of our future and the preservers of virtuosity, are an integral part of our society, and thus their safety is a paramount concern to world leaders, great generals, workaday citizens et cetera. Therefore, the public education system is not only sanctioned with our youths’ cognitive development but their physical safety as well; because of that, the school district remains the face of liability in the events of potential threats like that of Lake Lucina Elementary School, which recently had a bomb scare in Duval County, Florida.

Given the respectably unfathomable amounts of passion and care parents and guardians confide in their children, it is important for a county to remain concise, prioritise the facts, and ensure all resources are being thrown at the matter. In a sensitive case such as this my crises management team would have tweeted the following: “Students and staff at Lake Lucina ES are safe, and the school has been evacuated. Police are pursuing investigation. DCPS will keep the public updated around the clock.”

This is primarily due in part because parents need to hear, in level of priority, that their children are safe, that if safe are they still in the vicinity of the incident, and that public officials are taking the incident seriously. Also, it is important that school district immerse itself into the situation and stay transparent, for it can remain a credible and empathetic provider of information to parents.

Below is a snapshot of DCPS’s actual response, though not as empathetic in verbiage as the above-cited post, but it stays concise.

Crisis Management