Pew Pew Pew a gun story

Team members: Josh Smith, Nick Reuss, Jacob Guliuzo

Our medium for this project will be some sort of video. The video will consist of a mix of funny music, found footage filmed by us, and funny on screen prompts. The message behind this video is to show that it is not the gun’s fault. The video’s purpose comes from people having polarized views on guns. These views range from full support of guns to completely banning the guns. Our view is the understanding both views and trying to find a middle ground that everyone can agree. We do understand that not all guns are necessary for people to own. We want to bridge the gap and allow both sides to live in harmony. Therefore, people can have a gun if they want one, but everyone needs to understand the capability of a gun. Our video hopes to bring to light and to satirize both polar views on guns. The video will be posted to YouTube.

One of the challenges is figuring out the logistics of how to film using the props at hand and incorporating guns into the video, if we were to use actual guns. We also will have the challenge of knowing how long the video is and how long it will take to produce.  We are inexperienced when editing and making videos so this will be hurdle to overcome. The main difficult challenge is to make sure that the satirical comedy is there and everyone understands it. We also need to find if possible statistics to back up our claim. Our filming location and setting has yet to be determined, as we need to find a location that is suitable to our needs. We are brain storming many ideas so one is that, our video may consist of a gun going through their stages of life. Therefore, the gun would go from birth through until death. Another idea is that the guns are being treated as animals so one can find them in the wild or in captivity. Another is the gun going through a horror movie as the villain or perceived villain is another idea we are toying with. We are also thinking about parading NRA (national rifle association) ads. We think this would a neat and hilarious idea.

For our first statistic, we found that as of April 2017 there were 548 unintentional shootings. Our video will help push the need for gun safety in handling and training. We hope to provide entertainment and education by making this video. The statistic came from here.