Video Games is the best college past time (not partying): A Blog Discussion Proposing the idea of promoting video games as a means to optimally relieve stress in the college environment

The title of my blog is intentional and it represents a subject that is close to my heart. It is without argument, that as students we all find ourselves overwhelmed by the grind of working toward our respective degrees and we all seek to find ways to unwind.

I am not particularly a partygoer, nor will my first option for relaxing be the club, even though I enjoy both activities. That however does not mean that I do not have a social life. or a way to relieve my stress. My go to stress reliever though is playing video games, and what I have come to discover is there exists a community of like-minded students among my peers who enjoy engaging in playing video games as a means of relieving stress following a full day of classes, assignment submissions and studying for one examination or another.

For me as long as I can remember video games have been a major part of the way I relax. I have so enjoyed playing video games and understanding the rationale and objectives of the games that it has become my go to topic whenever I have a paper to write for school. The importance of video games and understanding them is so real to me that I see a long-term role for me in terms of incorporating it in the work field form, which I am preparing myself.

An earlier published research paper suggested that video games are changing education and that games are more than a simple form of entertainment. (The Effect of Video games on Student Achievement, 2011) An analysis of results of a survey conducted at the College of Coastal George that measured academic performance of video game players and GPA produced the following results recorded in the 191-student survey.

Also arising out of that study was the understanding that students did not think that playing video games negatively impacted their focus regarding studying.

The results may likely be replicated at (ERAU) Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. My sample group while not specifically scientifically based, since it will be to small to be measured, will indirectly form the basis of this conversation. It will be a sample from among my friends for whom video games have been a great pastime and way to wind down after a long day of classes.

Here is a question for everyone: What’s the difference between video games and college courses? One can be a mind numbing, heart wrenching, and exhausting experience – and the other,  a stress reliever, distraction, refocusing tool you guess which.

All anecdotes aside I propose that video games is an excellent way for college students to relax after classes and potentially strengthen the bonds that they have with their fellow colleagues.

I believe this topic would be a great subject to relay as a PSA. The potential for a skit featuring my family of friends, fellow video players, and myself taken from our community on the Daytona Campus of ERAU will form the basis for a video that would be my Digital Artifact

I will undertake this project as a solo submission. The video that will be the Digital artifact however will feature some of friends who live on and off campus. The main focus of the video will be to capture the relief and happiness, and excitement that one experiences while engaged in playing video games.

To further support the project I will utilize statistics taken from similar studies to validate my thesis. The aim to potentially persuade my audience of the value of video games as a means of winding down, and at the same time possibly persuade my audience to follow in this electronic crusade as a means of de-stressing.

The skit will be another away to further attract my audience into supporting my movement through the use of humor. To be clear the audience that I am planning to attract is college students of all race, creeds, gender, and sex. Simply put I am targeting university students’ age range18 to 25-year-old students.

This assignment may seem tailor made for my peers at ERAU but at this time I still have to convince my friends to be a part of my experiment and be willing to be the guinea pigs for the work on my video footage. Creating a script and storyboard may seem easy but creating a solid story is no laughing matter and must be approached properly. Hopefully this assignment can be done promptly and properly in order to release an amazing product and support the argument of video games as away to wind down and regroup while still meeting academic standards.

Research data will be taken from other scholarly articles already published that support the thesis.

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