Blog 8

Clare Maloney

Carly Shoemake

Dalton Hopkins


For our digital artifact assignment we intend to create a public service announcement in the form of an infomercial. The product being sold is procrastination. If anyone has seen the late night commercials with the overly hyper sham-wow salesman, then they will understand the tone of this infomercial, which will be humorous and ironic, while also informative. The goal of course is not in actuality to sell the act of procrastination, but instead to inform the viewer of the dangers of it, especially when working on final projects and other large college assignments that will make up majority of our class grades, which is what we will all be doing by the time the digital artifact assignment is due.

In order for us to complete this assignment the in the way we intend, we will need to use the video editing lab or perhaps a video editing program such as iMovie. The challenges for such a project may include us all managing our time to accomplish the feat of working together at once, which will be no easy task because of our tight schedules as end of the semester college students. Such a challenge may lead to, ironically, procrastination itself.

As for the content of the video, we will need proven data that procrastination is a bad habit to source. Such as the study done by P. Steel in his report titled, The Nature of Procrastination, which he found 85% to 95% of college students were procrastinators, and only 75% of them admitted to it. We could use this data to our advantage by perhaps creating a peer-pressure market behind it. “All of these other college students are doing it, shouldn’t you too?”

Another piece of data we can use is one by Dianne M. Tice and Roy F. Baumeister in a research report titled, The Longitudinal Study of Procrastination. Instead of citing a direct piece of data or evidence within the article, we could perhaps use such information as inspiration for an idea towards our video. For example, one such conclusion reached at the end of their observation of 60 students was that many students find comfort that the deadline for an assignment is months, weeks, or even days away. In return, said students will not begin planning or preparing for the assignment until only perhaps days or a day away. We can use this to begin our video. “Hey kids! Are you worried about that big essay at the end of the week? Is it giving you stress? Well it shouldn’t! It’s due in 4 days, that’s like almost a whole week if you think about it!”