Blog 8- Digital Artifact

For my Digital Artifact assignment, I chose the topic of gender discrimination to use for my issue. This social issue has occurred and is still occurring all around the world, and I want to take a stance and create a moving video that can bring this awareness to my audience and the public eye. With the topic of gender discrimination, I want to focus on all of the positivity women create in this world and draw the focus to the independent women who are successful because of their hard work and determination.

For too many years, men were known as the ones who made the money and worked for their family. I want to create a video that demonstrates the hard work women put forward every day to strive for success and do it without the help of a man. There are many women at our school that fit into this category. They are intelligent, driven individuals who work hard to be the women they have always wanted to be.

The message I would like to portray in this film is that women are fit to do anything a man can do. Although men and women differ in many senses, there are plenty of successful women in our society that have gained their achievements by pursuing their goals. Especially by attending Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, we are aware that there are more men who strive to be pilots rather than women. In my video, I can use women who attend Embry Riddle as just one of the many examples of showing that women are completely capable to do whatever a man can do. They have the same goals and wish for the same achievements as the men who strive to be a pilot, and gender equality is practiced because they both have to master the art of flying before reaching their dream jobs. I would like students and faculty to see my video and get the message that not only is men and women equal in society today, but women are needed as powerful individuals.

Some challenges that may occur while producing this video may be finding women at the school and the community who are willing to be apart of the video to demonstrate how they have come to be successful as they are today. Other challenges may include producing a video that does not contain some of a bias that favors women. Rather than favoring women, I want to show the viewers that women are equal to men and can accomplish anything a man can, especially when it comes to the aviation field. I am hoping to find multiple women who are willing to show what they do as well as express it in a few phrases and sentences about how they have come to get this far, and slightly interview them and their thoughts about gender discrimination. As of right now I am the only one in my group, but I am willing to have more group members or even join with another group.