Digital Artifact Proposal: Racism

Ida Angelma, Christopher Marshall

For the digital artifact assignment, we decided to use racism as our topic. Globalization in the world is making countries more and more diverse. However, racism still continues to be an issue. Racism happens when a group of people of same race or ethnicity believes their group is superior to other groups. Racism is an issue that is seen in the work world, schools and politics.

One of the current events affecting this issue nowadays is our current President Donald Trump. In January President Trump signed an executive order banning entry to the country for 90 days from seven Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. The travel ban caused chaos and multiple protests across the country. Even people who legally came to America years ago and currently had a valid green card and documentation was not allowed in the country.

Racism is also a big issue in the work world when it comes to hiring and recruiting. We will find additional statistics and information for this, but there have been studies about how even just the name of the person trying to get the affect the hiring process.

The purpose of our PSA on racism is to affect and change people’s minds about racism and encourage them to be more open minded. Everyone should be treated equally, have equal opportunities and not face mean comments or bullying because of their race. After seeing our PSA video we want our viewers to try to prevent racism by being more open minded and informed. We want them to try to stop racism whenever possible and stand up for the minorities. Treating people differently because of their race, religion or ethnicity is not right.

For our video we will use statistics about racism and how it affects people facing the racism and their lives. The tone of the video will be serious, and we will be using dramatic background music that fits the situation. We also plan to use pictures of our school’s spirit rock when someone had written racists comments on it after Trump’s travel ban.

Our group members are Ida Angelma and Christopher Marshall.

Possible resources we plan to use: