Blog #9 Turning Social Media into A Learning Experience

This Spring Semester I decided to pursue a course that focused specifically on Social Media. It was engaging, hands-on and it was an opportunity in a structured way to engage in the dynamics of the media. From the start of the course we were required to begin  communicating utilizing various platforms of social media. “Blogging” was new to me, not because I had never heard about it, but because it would be the first time that I actually engaged in posting blogs. Of course we were directed to the topics that we would discuss, and were provided reading material to stimulate or discussions.

Prior to now I was active on Facebook, had a twitter account that I didn’t really keep up with but not it became real. I believe my greatest take away from this class was to understand the impact of social media. It also became important to recognize thee value of timeliness.

Outside of the specific reading materials that were the topic guide for us to use to blog, a very memorable aspect of the course the course was the opportunity to apply our knowledge to truly understanding social media. I thoroughly enjoyed expressing myself through a few assignments, a case study/critique, social media strategy and digital artifact. In the first two major assignments while I suffered the fate of my own procrastination I enjoyed writing and exploring my go to topic, video games. The digital artifact project was interesting. I have to come out of my comfort zone, working solo and become part of a group. The members of the group for me were easy to work with since we shared similar ideas. We explored a highly controversial and relevant topic, Racism, and now we are a part of the YouTube generation of posting using that medium.

The impact of this course on me cannot be fully appreciated by putting it into words. I thoroughly enjoyed every post I wrote and learnt from every piece of relevant reading material related to the posts. Our challenge to read, understand and write about the new fad ”fake news” or as Kelly Ann Conway, Advisor to President Donald Trump like to describe it, “alternative facts” reminded me of the story of Pinocchio, it also made me recall something I heard sometime ago “Nothing id true, everything is permitted”

We are truly in the present and the future and this course was for me the key to the path of future communication. It holds much importance to me since Communications is the field I am pursuing, intending to become a Journalist. This was an apt learning experience for me. I see the information gained from the course as being extremely helpful in the future. I am glad I took the class.