Last stop: Social Media

This past semester has been an interesting one. I, at the start of the semester had not been an avid user of social media. After this semester has passed, I do have a new appreciation for social media. I now understand that there is a science to how to get the most use out of social media. The textbook helped explain that to be successful and gain a huge following there are rules to follow. These rules may involve having diverse content, to having the latest information, or having entertaining and engaging content. Our class happened to take at the same time that President Trump took office. President Trump’s tweets and overall policies became the main topic to start the class off in the morning. His tweets helped us practice what not to do when having a huge following. In addition, we delved into how/why people choose what they want to post and when. Overall, many connections were made into how social media effects every aspect of life.

The content that was covered in class was varied greatly and contained a lot of information. If I was to cherry pick the two articles/videos that stood out to me would be the article ““Executive Summary – Society’s New Addiction: Getting a “Like” over Having a Life” and The Gotta Share video. The article in my opinion nailed it on the point of controlling how much one shares stuff online. People seem to be obsessed with posting life events or objects online. This then harms them by missing the moment, because they were looking through a phone screen. I feel that a person does not need to entirely stop posting but if the moment is important just enjoy the moment. The next video is in my opinion just awesome to watch. It is comical and entertaining at the same time. The video points out how again sharing things online are an integral part of our society. The video does a great job by bringing up the topic but in a great and entertaining way.

The best activity in the class would have to be final one. I was going to say the one about the breaking the mold, but making the video took that spot. The video since the criteria was so broad gave us a lot of creative input. The writing of the script and filming the video was a great way to spend the weekend. It was a nice change of pace compared to other writing assignments. The class coming together with different videos really gave us insight into what topics we consider as important. Overall, this assignment offered up interesting results.

Social media as I understand it now is an important tool to use. If one wants to stay competitive currently, using social media is vital. I plan to use the information I learned to push forward my professional career. I will still watch what I put on my personal social media accounts. I do not think I will be become a blogger but you never know. I feel like the information that I have learned will help me become more attractive to employers. I also may be able to help in unique aspects in a company, because of my knowledge in social media. An example would be the information about crisis management or how to make a social media strategy; this information will be handy if I ever run across these issues. I know this information will be useful in the future and I am glad I took the class.