An Affable Testament of COM 395

This semester I have learned so much through the readings and the lectures about how to ethically and effectively capitalise off of social media. I admired the handy little-blue book collaborated by Kawasaki and Fitzgerald because the authors used both modern and concise verbiage to edify their readership on how to create likable content, and they discerned the perceptible impact of maintaining a professionally casual profile and digital identity.

I also love the graphic imagery that was displayed during the lectures (exempli gratia the nuclear explosive cranium), for it was a great attention grabber that allowed me to stay focused on the many provocative tweets aired by President Trump. Moreover, the course taught me so many current events that I was unfamiliar with such as the United and American Airlines incidents, which require an academic eye to critically scrutinize the companies’ respective blunders in the face of an multi-million person audience. In addition to that, the course reasserted the importance of accountability and ethics that one can take with them on every aspect of their life, and in this overtly interconnected world accountability plays a vital rule in preventing universal malcontent.

With respect to my desired career of teaching, I want help future generations understand the powerful impact social media has on their lives, and I will reinforce how immensely important it is to use it constructively and tactfully; wherefore, I will promote the Social Media Manifesto as the fundamental law of the land in producing considerate and society-worthy content.

When it comes to the top two favourite texts and videos that were presented throughout the course, I enjoyed the flash mob piece because of its novelty and the message it conveyed concerning content virality. Also, I like the piece “The Meaning of Social Movement” because showed that even in a century before social media was even fathomed similar circumstances were still on the rise, and that the correlate so seamlessly with one another.

Above all, the concepts I have learned throughout this course will aid me in marketing my literary works, and force me to become a technocratic savant which will ultimately make me a well-rounded citizen of the world.