Blog 9: Fin

There are a lot of things I learned this semester in this class. Ranging from how to make a viral post to how fake news has become such a problem even to Deji’s and Claire’s surprising singing voices earlier tonight.  The topics in this class have improved my critical thinking skills and have helped me pad my skills that future employers may be interested in. My favorite topics were those relating to “Society: movements and media” this section covered in my opinion the most relevant topics right now in the world. There were a number of readings that we were tasked with which I really enjoyed. The first of which was The Atlantic’s “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind: The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs”. This article really related to several topics in some of my psychology classes and allowed me to relate my knowledge to things from this class.  The article detailed why facts don’t really matter as much, and how to change someone’s “mind” you have to first change their feelings. This article is also one of facts that surprises me the most. Since I am generally a logical personal I am easily swayed by facts. This article shows that in fact the opposite is true. Another one of my favorite literature items for this semester was the TEDEx talk about how fake news can spread. This article helped me to realize not only how bad fake news has gotten but why it has gotten that way. It really surprised me to find out just how much fake news content creators make per month. Lastly I can use all of the things in this class to improve my social media following, and to market skills to possible future employers.

P.S. this has been one of the most enjoyable classes I have taken in my time at college and I will definitely miss taking this class.