about me

I’m an associate professor of communication in the Humanities and Communication Department and secret Master of the Universe. This semester on campus (Spring 2018), I’m teaching Social Media Communication (COM395HYB) and Technical Writing (COM221HYB). I also regularly teach Technology and Modern Civilization (HU335HYB) and Visual Design (COM364). For the Worldwide Campus, I’ve designed and taught Technology and Modern Civilization (COMD335) and Visual Design (COMD364). I’ve also taught writing and literature courses online.

I have a PhD in Texts and TechnologyMA in Creative Writing, and BA in Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida.

As incoming chair of the Arts & Letters Committee as of Fall 2018, it’d be great if you would help me identify interesting, engaging, and enlightening theater, dance, music, and other kinds of performances for our Daytona Beach campus.

Before teaching, I worked in the legal field for around ten years, drafting thousands of fatuous legal pleadings and other documents. After that, I worked in public relations as a writer for a technology consulting firm with several years to follow as a freelance writer. I’ve published around 140 articles in magazines and newspapers, and been involved in public relations, business journalism, marketing, and Web development along the way. Much of whatever success I have had in the workplace, I attribute to studies in the humanities, genetics, and general happenstance.


Buster in his Zoolander pose

My research interests include issues in medicine, social media, digital text communication in interpersonal relationships, social media, crime and technology, jail culture, adult recreational tennis ‘psychology’, and how mobile phones are disrupting the cosmos. More about my research activities is here.


Abbey, in her formal wear

As a volunteer, in June 2016, I proposed and developed a re-entry program for inmates in the Volusia County Correctional Facility where I facilitated workshops each week from Summer 2016 through Fall 2017. Project Ataraxia takes an interdisciplinary approach to helping incarcerated participants explore their personal values, exercise mind and body, and heighten communication skills to improve quality of life. In the past, I was an active advocate for sex education reform in Volusia County Public Schools. I’ve also volunteered for Volusia/Flagler Hospice; Family Renew Community, transitional housing for homeless families; the Volusia County Public Schools; and the United States Tennis Association.

Experimenting with Web site design, doing photography, working with Photoshop, writing, playing tennis, and running are some other things that I like to do. I’ve written about the weirdness of recreational tennis players, and I plan to write about recreational marathon runners at some point. I’ve run six marathons, slowly, and I’ve always found the atmosphere interesting and perplexing.


Annyong being Annyong

You can read more about my research interests, presentations, and publications by clicking here; review a tedious list of published articles for mostly general/business publications here; and look a some of my visual design and social media work here.

I have two kids, who are amazing, at the University of Florida. Sydney is majoring in Sustainability and the Built EnvironmentMax recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and is Assistant Tennis Coach at Bethune-Cookman University. There are also three cats, two fish, and a part-time dog: BusterAnnyong, Frank, Lucille 2, Covfefe, and Abbey. Some are opposed to social media, and therefore, do not have Facebook accounts.

Contact information

Lynn Koller, PhD
HU/COM Department
COAS Room 201.28
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Office 386.226.7799
lynn.koller@erau.edu |  linkedin.com/in/lynnkoller


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