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My academic research and writing, as well as my educational background, is interdisciplinary (but, really, what isn’t interdisciplinary?), with a focus on communication and digital media. I’m interested in a diverse array of subjects, which currently includes visual design, social media, and digital text communication in a professional context as well as understanding how technology mediates relationships. I’ve addressed some of the ways technology is affecting the field of medicine, particularly in the fields of surgery and radiology. My dissertation explores a way of examining all types of problems by deconstructing texts and images produced during medical imaging procedures. You can read more about Life Is Beautiful But It Isn’t Always Pretty: Medical Imaging Artifacts Blown Up by clicking here.

I have researched, published, and/or presented on sex education reform in Volusia County public schools, existentialism and Facebook, peer-to-peer health blogs, food, and more.

A list of my academic papers presentations, and publications is here. You can find a list of my older general publications by clicking here.

foodworldMy MA thesis is a novella entitled Foodworld, published and available for an exorbitant price on The story addresses fate versus freewill and how people use technology and religion in similar ways to insulate themselves. The underlying problem is an electricity shortage that correlates with the internal power struggles faced by the characters in their quest for meaning and fulfillment. Read more about it here.

I wrote a screenplay called Revelations in Plastic. If you or anyone you know has ties to the entertainment industry, contact me immediately. The story is a dark comedy that takes a satirical look at suburban marriage, organized religion, unchecked narcissism, and the effects of excessive cosmetic revision. You can read more about the story here. I also wrote an adaptation, in part, of The Taming of the Shrew. The Taming is a gender-bender set in an era of television evangelism and convenience stores where the visible is misleading.


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