general publication

Here’s a list of my older articles published in general magazines, newspapers, and industry newsletters:

  • Abstinence Mission at Odds with Evidence: Sticky Shame and Forbidden Pleasures
    (Center for Research & Education on Gender and Sexuality)  6/21/2012
  • The Evolution of Medical Imaging Technologies: Electric Meat and the Physician’s Shifting Gaze
    (Ea – Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology)  4/27/2011
  • Event highlights locally owned restaurants – where we should all be eating
    (Hometown News)  11/26/2009
  • The Machinery of Design: Playing with Brecht, the Surrealists, and Provocative Images
    (Design Principles & Practices: An International Journal)  5/27/2009
  • What schools should say about sex – editorial
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  11/28/2008
  • Abstinence-only program does not protect children
    (Hometown News)  7/25/2008
  • Abstinence-only classes in local schools forfeit sex education to religious sermon – editorial
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  5/22/2008
  • Senior housing market slower; occupancy, pricing still healthy
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/30/2008
  • Ryan Companies seeks to close development, sustainability gap with new building practices
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  11/15/2007
  • Mixed-use launch depends on communication, community need
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  2/15/2006
  • Life after cancer: For Belinda, it’s a ‘new normal’
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  3/28/2005
  • Flying with Kids Hits Turbulance
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  3/23/2005
  • TIC popularity growing among 1031 exchange
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  3/15/2005
  • Local tenants add flair to centers
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/1/2005
  • Inside Out
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  11/30/2004
  • Breast cancer patient begins chemo
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  10/25/2004
  • Getaway for a Change
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  8/26/2004
  • Life in Your Hands
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  8/23/2004
  • Opinions divided on Volusia retail
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  8/15/2004
  • Selecting restaurants for retail centers means knowing the surrounding area
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  8/1/2004
  • High hopes, high cost
    (Daytona Beach News-Journal)  7/26/2004
  • CMBS deliquencies to have negligible impact on capital markets liquidity
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  6/1/2004
  • Grocery store solution depends on many factors
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  5/1/2004
  • Low rates keep sale-leasebacks growing
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  4/16/2004
  • Smoothie Chains find FL retail climate refreshing
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  2/16/2004
  • ICSC: Holiday shopping far from disappointing
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  2/1/2004
  • Tampa market is sufficient for aspirations of Morin Development
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/15/2004
  • Drive-in chain sets its focus on Florida
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/1/2004
  • Proactivity keeps landlords on top of bankruptcy game
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  12/1/2003
  • Technology to impact space needs of Florida’s law firms
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/1/2003
  • A Profession in Demand
    (Internal Auditor)  6/1/2003
  • CMBS to benefit from terror backstop
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  2/1/2003
  • Life insurance cautiously bullish on RE
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  12/1/2002
  • Going Dutch: Firms match capital, deals
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  11/1/2002
  • Law may unleash new German capital
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  10/1/2002
  • To Catch a Liar
    (Internal Auditor)  10/1/2002
  • Buying spree exception, not the rule, for REITs
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  9/16/2002
  • Experts skeptical, but Regus stands by eBay
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  8/1/2002
  • Borrowers, investors eye Fannie Mae MBS program
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/15/2002
  • Monmouth capitalizes on real estate by investing in other REITS
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/1/2002
  • Experts: Parent woes won’t impact JPMMC
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  6/1/2002
  • Bank: Merger enhances RE services
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  5/16/2002
  • Time is money for M&M Capital
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  5/1/2002
  • Making a Clear Case for Online Digital Check Imaging
    (Bank Technology News)  4/1/2002
  • Terrorism insurance keeps lenders edgy
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  3/16/2002
  • Convert to Portable Document Forms
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  1/15/2002
  • Going After the Rich
    (Bank Technology News)  1/1/2002
  • CMBS buyers put pressure on retail
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/1/2002
  • Hotels likely to face refi woes
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  12/1/2001
  • Indiana-Based Internet-Only Bank Bucks the Trend
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  11/1/2001
  • Old Space Falls Short of Modern Needs
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  10/1/2001
  • Workplace E-mail: Reading Between the Lines
    (Bank Technology News)  9/1/2001
  • ABN AMRO Pushes Mobile Mortgage
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  8/15/2001
  • Biometrics Get Real
    (Card Technology)  8/1/2001
  • LoanAuction takes new approach to market
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/16/2001
  • Smart Cards Are Barely A Blip On Airlines’ Radar
    (Card Technology)  6/1/2001
  • Adding Brainpower to Financial Technology with Artificial Intelligence
    (Microbanker’s Banking Technology Strategies)  5/15/2001
  • Firing Employees
    (Florida Trend’s Small Business Edition)  5/1/2001
  • Building a Skilled Workforce
    (Florida Trend’s Small Business Edition)  5/1/2001
  • The Wealthy Are Different From You And Me
    (Collections and Credit Risk)  4/1/2001
  • Around the State – Northeast Region
    (Florida Trend)  4/1/2001
  • The Wealthy are Different from You and Me
    (Bank Technology News)  3/1/2001
  • The Faces of Banking – Part 4
    (Bank Technology News)  2/1/2001
  • Here’s Why They Call it the Web
    (Venture Woman)  1/1/2001
  • Variety of trends, buzzwords to shape 2001
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  1/1/2001
  • New Venture Profile: Diversity Success
    (Venture Woman)  1/1/2001
  • Privacy Policy Essential to Net Work
    (Venture Woman)  1/1/2001
  • Around the State – Northeast Region
    (Florida Trend)  1/1/2001
  • FlexxSpace chief stays ahead of curve
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  12/16/2000
  • The Faces of Banking – Part 3
    (Bank Technology News)  12/1/2000
  • Jacksonville enters FDIC’s caution zone
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  11/16/2000
  • First Union Works On Putting Voices In Customers’ Heads
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  11/15/2000
  • Zoom in on Internet Imaging
    (PSINet, a special Forbes publication)  11/1/2000
  • Texas De Novo Successfully Blends High Tech with ‘High Touch’
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  11/1/2000
  • ‘Technophobia’ has a cure: Knowledge
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  11/1/2000
  • “National” Conference Barely Fills Room
    (Bank Technology News)  11/1/2000
  • The Faces of Banking – Part 2
    (Bank Technology News)  11/1/2000
  • Blend of technology, people drives CapitalEngine
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  10/16/2000
  • Bringing technological visions to life
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  10/1/2000
  • The Faces of Banking – Part I
    (Bank Technology News)  10/1/2000
  • Texas Institution Turns to E-Billing as Part of Its Paperless Strategy
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  10/1/2000
  • Web Banks In Trouble: Formerly all-click banks are laying down brickwork
    (Bank Technology News)  9/1/2000
  • Evolution Of A Network: Final Chapter – Part 3 of 3
    (Bank Technology News)  9/1/2000
  • Cyber-specialist keeps RE pros up to speed
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  9/1/2000
  • Banks Flirting With Wireless Billing
    (Bank Technology News)  8/1/2000
  • Evolution Of A Network: Part two in our series on a Texas community bank’s system intergration effort – Part 2 of 3
    (Bank Technology News)  8/1/2000
  • New Tools Power Personalization Push
    (Bank Technology News)  8/1/2000
  • Web takes goods procurement to national level
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  8/1/2000
  • Improve Your Resume
    (Florida Trend’s NEXT)  8/1/2000
  • Evaluating the Total Cost of Network Ownership
    (  7/26/2000
  • Real estate site stays in the ‘Loopnet’
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/16/2000
  • Technology Project Selection and Management in Community Banks
    (  7/11/2000
  • RealtyIQ: Evaluating the Intelligence Quotient
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  7/1/2000
  • Building From Scratch: A Network Development Tale – Part 1 of 3
    (Bank Technology News)  7/1/2000
  • Intranets: A World of Possibilities
    (  6/27/2000
  • Web site on the right ‘storetrax’ for success
    (Florida Real Estate Journal)  6/16/2000
  • The World of E-Commerce in Community Banking
    (Microbanker Banking Technology Strategies)  6/15/2000
  • Taste Test: Tough to Swallow & Eating Out: Lemon Aid
    (Florida Trend)  6/1/2000
  • An Overview of Online Privacy
    (The North Dakota Banker)  6/1/2000
  • MISSING INFO [1/1/2000 – 6/1/2000]
  • Elements of a Successful Web Site
    (Illinois Bankers Association)  1/1/2000
  • Thin Client Computing: a new model with old roots
    (Iowa Bankers’ Association)  12/17/1999
  • Call Center Technology For Community Banks
    (Microbanker’s Remote Banking Strategies)  12/15/1999
  • Microbanker’s Remote Banking Strategies
    (Call Center Technology for Community Banks)  12/15/1999
  • Put Your System on a Thin Client Diet
    (Microbanker’s High-Tech Banking Strategies)  12/1/1999
  • An Overview of Privacy, Marketing, et al.
    (Bank Director News)  12/1/1999
  • Why the Internet Seems So Difficult for Bankers
    (Illinois Reporter)  11/1/1999
  • Elements of a Successful Web Site
    (Microbanker’s Remote Banking Strategies)  11/1/1999
  • Electronic Bill Presentment in Community Banks
    (Iowa Bankers Association)  10/1/1999
  • Community Banks Can Cash In With Cash Management Services
    (Banker & Tradesman)  9/20/1999
  • Cash Management Services in the Community Bank
    (BankersMart – American Bankers Association)  9/2/1999
  • Bankers Tackle the Tangled Web Question
    (New Jersey Bank & Thrift)  9/1/1999
  • Bankers Tackle the Tangled Web Question
    (Banker & Tradesman)  4/1/1999