visual design


Here you can find some examples of my visual design and social media work in the following areas:

arts & letters  | cats  |  conferences |  courses  |  dark suburbia  |  for fun  |  tennis  |  t-shirts

There comes a time when you got to ask yourself where am I going, what have I done? Are you living the life you always dreamed of? … Are you making the most of the chance you’re given or just barely getting by?” The visual design principles of balance, unity, harmony, scale, hierarchy, and emphasis  can be applied to endeavors larger than a design project; they are principles we can apply to designing a life that will bring us the greatest possible satisfaction. For that reason, I like creating visual designs. It’s practice for everything else.

To be able to tell a story with images is a powerful skill, particularly in light of social media. And it’s fun, like doing magic. As you take a photograph, you become a wizard who can freeze time. By framing a scene, you decide what’s worth seeing and what’s not. It’s always been amazing.

In addition to the things that I make for my own amusement, I’ve taught Visual Design (Com364) for years and recently developed and taught an online visual design course for the ERAU Worldwide Campus (ComD364). I also do design work in the form of print and social media content for some local businesses. I primarily use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, and Canva.



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