My social Media

Mackenzie Chandler

Professor Koller


February 18, 2018

I don’t post a lot on my social media but I do scroll through the newsfeed and comment on pictures. The social media accounts that I use are Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. I don’t utilize them for professional purposes, mainly for scrolling through what’s new with my friends and family, especially the ones who I don’t keep in contact with on a regular basis. The accounts that I have, like I said, I don’t normally post on a daily basis but when I do, I either post to notify what I am doing or I absolutely love the picture that was taken.


My last five posts I posted was between the time of December 23, 2017 through November 27, 2016. These last five was either about softball, my closest friends or my family. Softball is a huge asset to my social media because I am a student- athlete and this is the sport, I’m very passionate about, so posting pictures of me on the field have a lot of meaning to it. When I post about my friends, I have the same meaning, I care about what goes on my social media because anything inappropriate puts me in jeopardy and whoever is tagged in the picture can be jeopardized also.


The article that stuck out the most to me was “Really Narcissists?” This article explained about people taking selfies and what is the meaning behind taking a selfie. People taking selfies is portrayed in this day and age as narcissist which is excessive interest about themselves. Posting selfies on your social media may portray the audience that you are superior to others in many ways. Some are more concerned about social engagement and worrying about the feedback they get from there’s peers and family members. Social media has played a big role of people becoming more narcissistic than they intended to be in the first place.



Blog #4

My main social media accounts that I use are Snapchat as number one, Instagram as number two and Reddit as three. Twitter and Facebook are tied for four as I rarely ever use either one. My profile pictures all show me to be an extrovert as they all have me, either by myself or with another person, smiling or generally just enjoying myself. My Instagram profile picture is my best friend and me hugging and smiling together on a camping trip I chose it because it is a little tradition in my mind to have my IG picture be of me and a best friend, from a time when I visited them or they visited me. None of my best friends live in the same state as me, so when they come to visit it’s an occasion, my first IG profile picture was one of my best friends back in Oregon after she visited me here in Florida for my 17th birthday. My second IG profile was of my other best friend from Oregon from my trip to Oregon in the summer of 2016 at her graduation from high school. My picture now is of Alyssa when she came to visit from Illinois for my 20th birthday this year. Her face will stay as my profile on Instagram until I visit, or am visited by another close friend. My facebook picture is my of boyfriend and me laying side by side in a grass field watching the eclipse. I chose this picture because it displays someone very important to me while also showing my love for nature and appreciation of science all in one, which encompasses a lot about me. My twitter is me in front of the Lincoln Memorial smiling with my mom this picture I chose because I had wanted to visit the Lincoln Memorial my whole life and my mom surprised me with a trip to D.C. a few summers back. I think fondly of that trip and of that picture. All show important people in my life while also portraying a positive emotion.

My last five posts before the winter break ended were on Instagram. The first to last post was a picture I took on a pier down in West Palm Beach, at sunset. I posted it because I really liked the way the light reflected on the pier. The caption read “piering off into the sunset”. I posted that because I really like being punny; it shows a good sense of humor. The next to last picture is me on top of the Mile High Swinging Bridge in Grandfather Mt. State Park. I posted it with the caption “today I joined the mile high club”, another play on words. I posted this picture one because the view was incredible and because I rarely get to leave Florida so when I do I enjoy posting a lot to share the landscape. The next post is my boyfriend and me in full ski gear in front of a ski hill. I posted it with the caption “there’s (s)no(w) place like the ski hill for the holidays”, another play on words and because skiing is one of my favorite sports that I never get to do now that I live here, It was my first time skiing in 6 years and was Dan’s first time skiing so I posted the picture because I was excited to have gotten to go skiing and wanted to let everyone know that I was also able to share my joy with my boyfriend. My fourth post is from the winter solstice and depicts a luminaria that my mom created with a beautiful hand drawn solstice symbol on it with the words “blessed solstice”. I posted this with the recitation The Shortest Day as the caption. I did this because I embrace my Pagan heritage and wanted to let everyone in on a little bit of the culture surrounding that, which The Shortest Day describes. As a member of the Interfaith group on campus, I love learning about other religions and holidays and also enjoy spreading more understanding of mine. The fifth to last post is of me and a close friend in Universal studios, standing next to the Dolorian from Back to the Future and smiling with Doc Brown. the caption reads “M-m-m-morty, y-y-you gotta do it for Grandpa Morty.” which is a quote from the pilot episode of one of my favorite TV shows (Rick and Morty) that was originally inspired by the Doc from BttF and Marty McFly. I posted this picture because I love that movie and wanted to let everyone know I had gotten to meet Doc, as well as the fact that I am an avid Rick and Morty fan and that I know the origin of the show.

I mostly use social media to make plans with people and look at memes, I post every once in awhile when something cool happens or I have an aesthetically pleasing picture. Overall my use of social media is less to be social and more to keep myself entertained when I am bored or just need a laugh or a break from homework. It’s an easy way to find funny content that I find amusing.

Seldom on Social Media

I have accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Some, I am more active on than others, but for the most part, I never really got “hooked” on social media. I use each social media account for a specific purpose. I have been a member of Facebook since 2009 and I use it to stay connected with friends and family as well as occasionally post things about my life or repost content I find funny or interesting. My most recent activity on Facebook was on February 13th and it was a reposted video about how goats are the best animals. I’m not quite sure why I needed to show everyone my love for goats, maybe it was because I wanted to prove that goats are adorable and the video caught my attention. The last time I posted something on my facebook was on December 1st and it was a picture of a coworker at work party. Overall, I am not very active on Facebook. I use LinkedIn for professional purposes only. Both to keep my profile up to date in terms of professional accomplishments and skills and to see what companies that I am interested are up to. I use Pinterest the least. I have never posted anything and I only use this platform as a resource when I need to find inspiration or idea for various things. The platforms I use the most are Snapchat and Instagram.


I go on Instagram a few times a week to see what people and accounts I follow are posting, but I rarely post content. As you can see, I only have 20 posts on my Instagram account and each one is spread out over many months. My profile pictures are different on each platform, but the one featured here on Instagram is a photo of me wearing a suit on a nice day. This profile picture may describe me as a professional individual and may also provide a contrast to my outgoing personality based on the more casual attire I am seen wearing in some of my other posts. On the other hand, I use Snapchat the most out of all my accounts. I use the platform daily to message friends and I often post stories. Snapchat is also my most personal account. On all the other platforms I am connected to people that I may not know that well, however on Snapchat, I am only connected to close friends. According to some of the readings, ones social media activity can be indicative of their personality. I feel this is not the case for me. It is difficult to assess my personality solely based on my social media activity because I rarely post content. However, based on the content I have posted, my social media accounts could portray me as a happy-go-lucky person with a variety of interests.

I have some work to do…


      For personal use, I have a few more accounts on social media than I’d like to admit; fortunately, I don’t use all of them all the time. My Facebook account is used partially professionally, but primarily for personal use. Instagram has been used in the past professionally, but is now primarily for personal use. My Tumblr account is for personal blogging, but my WordPress account is used professionally. Facebook allows me to connect to friends and family around the world, anytime, and Instagram allows to me post my phone’s photos across my other social media whilst connecting to friends on a much more personal level. Snapchat is another beast entirely that I tend to use more as an instant messaging app than a social media app.

      My current Facebook profile picture may or may not speak a lot about who I am. The current photo happens to be a selfie with a filter from Snapchat over it to make it seem “cute.” I felt like I needed to update my profile picture to a more recent photo, coincidentally after I had accidentally saved that Snapchat selfie, thus . As I’ve gotten a new phone recently, I figured that was the first selfie I’ve saved, and it was fitting enough for the platform.

      My most recent posts are surrounding the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. More specifically, the first 3 posts are about the shooting including a friend’s blog post about how mental health and guns are not mutually exclusive, and two shared posts about how we need to make change instead of throwing blame like a hot potato. The fourth recent post on my Facebook profile is a video a friend posted on my feed featuring a man who makes unique instruments out of strange items; this time featuring a singing, talking Furby organ. I had a few questions as to where she found the video, but judging by the fact that the fifth most recent video on my Facebook profile is a blog post about how to celebrate Extraterrestrial Culture Day, I’m not overly surprised.


Sell your soul for free

My main social media sites are Facebook and Instagram. I have had a Facebook since about 2009. I remember my friend begged me to get one while we were on the phone. I remember my exact words were “Why? Facebook is for old people.” That day I became an “old” person. Peer pressure is a b*#@!
I remember I made my Instagram when I was a freshman in High School. I pride myself as being one of those first daring people to try it at my school. It was so simple back then. All there was were a camera with about 7 filters to choose from and a news feed. Now, of course, there is the whole nine yards and even Instagram stories. I feel like I watched the true development of Instagram. I watched it mold into the beautiful social network it is today.

My Facebook profile and Instagram picture usually are the same pictures. It takes a IMG_7540special picture to make the profile picture. The one I have now is actually super pretty, in my biased opinion. I am wearing a bright red tube top. My hair was freshly done, my makeup was flawless from the pictures I was taking with my little sister earlier (post-Christmas), and my red lipstick even matched my top. My background was none other than the bright orange-brown brick color of the side of my house. My best photos are usually taken there. Realizing that this paragraph sounds narcissistic, I just want to say that I am not and that I just appreciate quality artwork. And I believe there is an art to my selfie taking. I never post a random selfie just for the fun of it on Facebook or Instagram because that is what Snapchat is for. For the question of why? Hm. I am still trying to figure out why. My psychology behind it was that with Christmas season being around that it would be a hit with my color contrast and off-centered crop. I also change my profile picture with every new hairstyle. (I make sure I have a realistic representation of me).

REVIEW; My last 5 Facebook posts or updates are:

  1. Sharing Drake’s new video for his single: God’s Plan! 
  2. This meme:
  3. I shared a fitness video.
  4. A video post called “5 things you need to know about Overthinkers”
  5. A picture of my favorite Teammate and me.

The Drake video is a must SEE. He went to Miami and basically gave all his profits from the single “God’s Plan” to community members of Miami. I love seeing celebrities give back. No matter how little or how small. It makes an impact. I shed a tear watching the video. My purpose of posting that was to show how amazing Drake is.

The meme I shared I connect with deeply. It shows my tough side and my emotional side. Which is really no one’s business but I thought it was a cute meme that would be a pick me up for some of my other friends.

The Fitness Video is a core workout that I hope I will actually do. I have a bad habit of sharing or saving fitness pots and never even doing them. I guess my intention is to keep it there so when I decide to do it I know where to find it.

The video about overthinkers just talks about some of my habits. I consider myself an overthinker and I shared it to see who could relate. Again, super personal things about me that I now regret after our last week’s readings. The government, companies, and Facebook creeps should not be able to know about me so easily. Why even sell your soul when they can take it for free? Geez, buy me a drink first. I probably am going to take it off my profile now in attempt to clean up my Facebook of all my purpose-less posts.

The last post is of me and my best friend. We look super professional and I just wanted the world to see. The picture says a lot to me. She is like my little sister and we have so many things in common in the picture. It was a memory I wanted to be able to cherish forever so I shared it on Facebook. Facebook is my memories along with Instagram.  😊

My last comment is that I feel: WOKE. By woke I mean enlightened. I don’t want the world knowing EVERYTHING about me. Lord knows the things I posted when I first joined. I wish I could go back and delete everything, but I don’t have enough time in the world to scroll back through all my zillions of posts. But moving forward I will do better. The phrase we talked about in class resonated with me, “post with a purpose.” And purposeful I shall be.

Exploring My E-Footprint

Social media and I have a love-hate relationship per say. I not a big fan of posting but then every now and again I will go on a posting spree mainly on Instagram seeing I’m not a big fan of Facebook. For me, I have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.  However, I don’t call myself a big user of Facebook because I don’t post that much and mainly my feed is just re-shares of things that I found inspiring. My primary purpose on there is just to make people feel like they mean something and maybe help brighten their day a little bit. After going on the status history website, it showed my results of Facebook as followed.1 Overall, I’m not a big user but still try to get on every now and again in the hope of brightening someone’s day.

Snapchat and Instagram; however, are another story when it comes to usage. I use Snapchat on an unhealthy level to most people because I use it more than standard texting because I can not only send words but pictures to express what I’m doing in more than just words. This feature makes me happy cause I can also save these photos and have a photo to look back on later and relive the moment by thinking of the event and looking at the picture. Instagram is the platform that I mainly just posted small updates about my life and show people a little look into my life. Posting is something that I take a good deal of time to do because I want to show the highlights, not just the boring things that I do, which leads to how I decided what I use as my headlining picture.

My profile photo is the same across all my platforms, and I would say it took me a little while to pick them as well. My profile pictures seem to lean towards showing off something I am doing or what I am wearing along with making me question why I am posting in the first place. Furthermore, some of my other profile pictures were to show a little glimpse into my personality and how I like an upbeat atmosphere.


My last five posts on Instagram have been me in dress clothes, trying on new Under Armour gear, me what a cat mask on, another picture of me in business casual attire and, a picture while I was flying and in-between the clouds. They all convey my upbeat personality and all of the various aspects of my life. Allowing me to show that I can go from sportswear to formal wear and fit into multiple crowds.

Overall, I would describe my social media as snapshots of my life, and this is not only for the people that follow me but makes it where I can look back on.

What my social media says about me

For personal social media I tend to use two platforms, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is primarily used to reconnect with family up north that I haven’t seen for a while and in a sense keeping them informed to an extent of important events in my life. My Instagram serves as a way I connect with my friends and how I am updated what goes on within my friend groups. The way I use my social media plays more of a deciding role in choosing a profile picture. My Facebook profile picture is a funny picture of my sister Dianna,our friend Alexis ,and myself on our last road trip. That picture is more about the memory of the image as opposed to how I look. Whereas my Instagram profile picture is used more superficially. Because I don’t use Facebook statuses, I compared my last 5 Instagram posts which consisted of an anniversary picture of myself and my boyfriend, a picture at my little sisters high school graduation, a picture of my sisters and myself at a family party. They all are pictures commemorating special memories that I hold close to me.