The Web contains many resources for Technical Report Writing; however, it serves us best as a depository for cat photos. 🙂

Welcome to Technical Writing (Com221hyb), a General Education requirement for all students. This course covers a fairly wide range of material. You will, in fact, research and write the dreaded analytical report on a topic in your field, but we will do other work as well. In addition to the report, you will spend considerable time on career development activities, including writing a resume and understanding how to use social media to help you achieve your professional goals.

This is a hybrid course, meaning that we meet both in the classroom and online. Be sure to read the attendance policy on the syllabus. In addition to receiving some traditional lecture, you’ll engage in a variety of workshop and class activities to enhance your communication skills in the areas of oral presentations, digital media, and written documents. You’ll be provided with detailed assignments and instructions requiring that you demonstrate competency of specific writing and other communication skills, and the coursework also encourages you to engage in critical thinking. You’ll be asked to lead discussion, share your work others, and contribute ideas and feedback to your peers.

I’ve been teaching this hybrid course for several years and have received a great deal of feedback from students. They have repeatedly acknowledged that one of the greatest challenges of this course is time management. Because of the hybrid format, it can be easy to “forget” to submit assignments and engage in online discussion as required. You will receive some email reminders from me, but you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that you submit your work on time.

If you ever have questions or concerns about any of the material or requirements in Com221hyb, please email me, see me during office hours, or request an appointment outside of office hours. Join the class Facebook group by clicking here.