blogging – 400 points


Submit 10 posts to the blog over the course of the semester, totaling 400 points. You may also include images and other multimedia as well. Entries are worth 40 points each. All blogs are due at 11:59 pm on the due date.

For each of your entries, write a descriptive title, select a Category and add some Tags. Categorize your entry based on the assignment (e.g., #1 for the first entry). Tag your entry as your see fit: just pick a couple of keywords (say, “pilot” or “signage” or “Facebook” depending on your content.) When you’re done creating a post, click Publish. Your final step is to post a link to your blog on Canvas for evaluation.

All of your images should be original unless the instructions call for existing images. If you use any image or text that you did not create, you should provide source information, including a link. While there’s not a specific word count requirement, two or three paragraphs is a good guideline for most assignments, unless otherwise instructed.

While you are not required to post a specific number of comments to other students’ blogs, you should read your classmates’ work and respond when it would be nice to do so.


Your entries will be evaluated on whether you followed the instructions, wrote a “complete” entry (one that makes sense on its own as a singular piece of writing), employed college-level writing (appropriate vocabulary, style, and tone), and posted an entry relatively free of error. Fragments are fine if used for effect. Not as errors. Take poetic license but do not write sloppily. Write how you feel using concrete language, be creative, make unlikely connections, have no fear. See the syllabus for grading criteria.


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