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Click to see a hilarious ad campaign designed by college students to parody the anti-drug ads from the Note1980s. (It’s not a video, but it may inspire you.)

[Note: These instructions are being updated.]

With a partner or in a group of 3, create a research-based public service video that increases awareness or changes attitudes and behavior about a social, political, or environmental issue of your choice. Use ERAU’s Digital Studio as a resource. Do the following:

  • use primarily original images (photography, digital art, graphics, and/or video) and audio (narration)
  • make it at least three minutes in length.
  • incorporate current research findings from at least three credible sources.
  • use only the intellectual property of others (such as images and music) with proper authorization
  • upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo

Here’s a list of potential topics, but do not feel limited to this list.

Select one student to submit on Canvas by the due date:

  • a brief memo that lists your group members, explains why you selected this topic, identifies your target audience, includes full citations for the research cited in the video, and describes how you divided the work
  • the script for your PSA
  • link to your video

Your presentation will be evaluated on whether it:

  • Adheres to these instructions and includes all of the criteria indicated above
  • Contains original visuals, text, and audio that are relevant and appropriate for the target audience
  • Conveys a clearly defined audience and call to action
  • Demonstrates research (use relevant facts or statistics)
  • Reflects the readings and discussion
  • Shows a fresh perspective and original thought
  • Reflects ethical consideration to subject matter as well as content

See “Grades” in syllabus for additional grading criteria. Worth 100 points.

Note: Penny Cairns (, Research Librarian, is a good resource for this project. You can email her and/or set up an appointment to message/chat or meet in person.


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