participation – 100 points

participationParticipation is an important component of this course. Evidence of active participation is as follows:

  • attendance (25% except in the case of excessive absences – see syllabus and below)
  • class discussion, preparedness, and online engagement through activities and adherence to course policies (75%)

The syllabus details specific course policies in several of these areas. Your participation grade is a reflection of these factors. With regard to absences, the syllabus states:

  • One absence does not affect your grade
  • Two absences reduces your participation grade by 25%
  • Three absences results in zero participation points
  • Four absences mean failure of the course

To be counted present, it’s expected that you are in class on time, prepared by demonstrating that you have done the required readings and assignments, participate appropriately, pay attention to the speaker, submit reading notes, and stay in the room until class is over. Any activity that does not have specific point value contributes to your participation grade. Failure to participate in ungraded class activities will negatively affect your participation grade, as will use of unauthorized personal technologies during class time.


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