personal identity project – 50 points

Design your personal digital identity to reflect your personal or professional goals, using the texts, class discussion, and these instructions as guides. (Note that if you do not want to publish or change your actual social media platforms, you can do this activity [mostly] offline using screenshots. See me for help.)

Design (50%)

Do the following:

  1. Select one of social networks of the following to update: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or WordPress (if you have your own blog)
  2. Take a “before” screenshot of your personal page
  3. Image result for design cover profile photo facebookDesign and create a coordinated, unified profile and cover image that reflect purpose and a professional appearance appropriate for the social media platform. For example, if you choose LinkedIn, this platform likely reflects your professional goals, while Facebook might show a more personal, playful side. Either way, the re-design should take into account your purpose for being on social media and your target audience. Images should:
    • Be original (you composed, designed, produced, and/or edited them)
    • Be high quality and sized properly for the platform
    • Match in color scheme, tone, theme, and style
    • Appear clearly unified
    • Help achieve a communication goal (e.g., an image of you in the cockpit helps you achieve the goal of showing passion or interest in flight; a creative image like the one above or this one showcases your creativity and graphic design skills)
    • Not be a simple ‘photo merge’ (which there are apps for) unless you composed and created the image specifically for this assignment
  4. Update your biography or other personal information for whatever you make public
  5. Review all content viewable by the public, and delete/edit what does not reflect your purpose for using social media
  6. Consider how you may tout your academic accomplishments, professional experience, internships, technical skills, published articles, and research projects or interests
  7. Take an “after” screenshot of your personal page

If you need help with technology or graphic design, be sure to check out ERAU’s Digital Studio. Its tutors can help!

Reflection Memo (50%)

Write a memo of your own design that includes the following (in the order of your choosing):

  • screenshots of before and after images
  • links to your social media profiles
  • analysis of the intended audience(s) for each of your platforms and your purpose in using the platforms
  • a brief description of how you composed and created your original image(s)
  • a discussion of how your re-design choices accomplish your goals in terms of the principles and ideas in the readings and discussion from Personal: identity & relationships (Weeks 6 – 8). What did you change and why? Why did you select the color scheme, text, and/or images? What does your new profile and cover images say about you?
  • a discussion of what you’ve chosen to leave publicly accessible and why in terms of your intended audience

Note: Consider the visual design of your memo as well. It’s fine for it to be simple, but select a typeface, title heading, colors, and visual signals that are aesthetically appealing and appropriate.

There is no word count minimum, but it is suggested that you write around four or five full paragraphs. Submit a PDF of your memo on Canvas.

Evaluation is based on how well the project reflects the requirements above, based on the grading criteria in the syllabus.



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