reading responses – 130 points


Submit 13 reading responses over the course of the semester, totaling 130 points. You may also include images and other multimedia as well. Entries are worth 10 points each. All reading responses are due at 11:59 pm on the due date.

Post a reading response on a social media platform (the easiest and most private will be in the Com 395 Facebook Group) that addresses the required readings/videos, demonstrating that you read/watched the material. These responses are informal and do not require additional sources. You may post on any social media platform, but you must at least post a link or screenshot in the Facebook Group the day before class (by 11:59p) to receive credit.

screenshot-1If you post to the Facebook Group, write a “Document” instead of a status update. To do this, click on the COM395 Spring ’17 Group | on the status bar, click ‘…More’ | click Create Doc’. See screenshot. Write a title, add an image (optional!), and post a response that includes:

  • A short summary of each text/video(s), referring to titles and authors. If there are more than four readings, you may select just four to address in your response (but read/view them all for class discussion and a possible reading quiz).
  • For your choice of at least one of the texts, a brief discussion about 1) whether you see evidence of the primary ideas or claims in the text OR 2) a connection that you make between the text and your experiences with social media.

You may include images, links, or other information as appropriate.

OPTIONAL: Instead, post a video response that addresses the content outlined above. You may do a video as a discussion with a partner.

NOTE: There are no tests, exams, or quizzes scheduled in this course; however, if it becomes clear that reading preparedness is an issue, you may experience a pop reading quiz.


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