reading responses – 200 points

readingNote: These instructions have been revised. 

Submit eight reading responses over the course of the semester, totaling 200 points. Entries are worth 25 points each.  You may also include images and other multimedia as well. All reading responses are due on Canvas at 11:59 pm on the due date.

Write a title, add an image (optional), and post a response that includes:

  • A short summary of each text/video(s), referring to titles. If there are more than four readings, you may select just four to address in your response (but read/view them all for class discussion and a possible reading quiz). The summary should consist of about 40% of the required response or between one and two paragraphs.
  • For your choice of at least one of the texts, a discussion about 1) whether you see credible evidence of the primary ideas or claims in the text OR 2) a connection that you make between the text and your experiences with social media. The discussion should consist of about 60% of the required response. You may choose to extend the discussion if you’d like.

An appropriate response would be at least 375 words. Post your response as an MS Word document or PDF to Canvas. You may include images, links, or other information as appropriate.

OPTIONAL: Instead, post a video response with a partner that addresses the content outlined above, no longer than five minutes. You may also choose to alter this assignment in other creative ways. See me, before submitting your work, if you would like more details on these options.


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