social media strategy – 100 points

Write a social media strategy with original sample posts for two platforms, based on the Hootsuite Sample Strategy and principles from Kawasaki and Fitzpatrick’s The Art of Social Media, for a professional organization: a small business, non-profit, or club.

Include the 10 sections in the sample strategy (though you may leave any performance analysis of your strategy blank) and an additional section for sample content:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Social Media Audit (with four subsections)
  3. Social Media Objectives
  4. Online Brand Persona and Voice
  5. Strategies and Tools
  6. Timing and Key Dates
  7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Social Media Policy
  9. Critical Response Plan
  10. Measurement and Reporting Results
  11. Sample Content for Three Platforms

Select an organization where you will have access to the necessary data and information to complete this assignment. You may not use imaginary data. Use the sample strategy as a guide, but do not copy narrative language verbatim. Demonstrate audience awareness and an understanding of your organization’s purpose and culture.

Format the report for print. Use page numbering, headings and subheadings, and a good sense of design choices. Design two posts using specs specific to each of two platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.).

Your project will be evaluated as follows, based on the grading criteria in the syllabus:

report content 60% | Does the report contain all of the required sections, reflect audience awareness, and effectively communicate a coherent social media strategy with a clear purpose? Does it reflect an understanding of the competition or comparable organizations?

report form 20% | Is the visual design of the report appropriate, and does it reflect the culture of the target organization? Is it free of grammar errors and typos? Are any graphics or logos high-quality, legally obtained, and appropriate?

sample content 20% | Is each post designed specifically for the measurements of the social media platform? Does it contain an appropriate message using original visuals and text? Is the visual high quality? Does the content reflect the principles in The Art of Social Media with regard to original content?

Note: An original visual is a photo, video, or graphic that you create. 



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