Snapchat vs. Domestic Violence

“We apologize for the insensitive content posted on our app last week. We are taking full responsibility for our actions and will be reevaluating our ad selection process and adding a NNDEV rep to educate our staff on domestic violence. The feedback we received on the issue is important and we will consider all of it in the future. Again, we apologize and are working diligently to resolve this.”

Snapchat, popular social media platform, recently released an ad for a game called ‘Would You Rather’ where the ad asked, “Would you rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown?”rrrrr.PNG

This ad proved to be insensitive in the light of the domestic violence case between Chris Brown and Rihanna back in 2007. I think my response effectively mitigates damage because it assumes responsibility, takes charge of the situation, encourages dialogue, and takes action. Once a crisis hits it is important to not point fingers but to show empathy and work towards a solution. There are so many people affected by things such as domestic violence that you want to make sure the underlying message is heard. Snapchat does not support domestic Violence and will make efforts to educate their staff to prevent future situations like this from occurring.


Blog 7- Facebook Crisis

Scenario: The crisis that occurred on Facebook was the misuse of data belonging to 50 million users of the social network. The data came from a leak from Cambridge Analytica who had gathered the information through various personality quizzes.

Hello Facebook Users,

Given the news of the information that leaked earlier this week, we are looking at a multitude of apps to ensure that there is security amongst our users. We apologize for not discovering this sooner and are working toward making reparations to those who have personally been affected by our lapse in security. We have taken steps to ensure that an incident like this will never happen again and are looking for ways to make Facebook a secured and safe environment. If there is anyone who would like to make suggestions or give us feedback on how we here at Facebook can make you feel more secure, please message us. We value our users as the most important part of our corporation and are ashamed of the carelessness that has transpired. We apologize sincerely to our users who feel betrayed by our lack of quick response and can assure you this will not happen again.

Thank you so much for your understanding.

I feel this response would be sufficient amidst of this issue because it gives the users of the website a chance to voice their grievances with the company and allow the company to explain what they are doing to fix the issue. It also allows the users to humanize the company and allow the users to level with them. It also ensures the users that they are an important part of the company and are valued greatly.

Blog #6 – Rabbit Advocates

The Rabbit Advocates are an organization based out of Portland Oregon that work on rescuing, fostering, sterilizing and adopting out abandoned bunny’s in Oregon. They work with other rabbit organizations across the country and help new owners learn how to take care of their bunny. Their target audience seems to be people between 25-40, as they are mainly focused on finding “furever homes” for their rabbits and people younger than that are generally not equipped or do not have the money and resources to properly care for a pet by themselves. This is also given by the fact that their main social media account is Facebook. They do have a twitter and Instagram but the Instagram hasn’t been posted on since Fall 2017 and the Twitter page is all of the Facebook posts reposted. Since the RA’s aren’t a very big organization there wasn’t any articles about their social media strategy but they do have a mix of humor and seriousness in their posts, posting funny memes with bunny’s in them, or reminders about springing forward:

But also posting articles about the Las Vegas stray rabbit extermination project and articles raising awareness about why you shouldn’t give a bunny as a gift for Easter (because people inevitably don’t want them and then dump them on the side of the road and then shelters have to rescue them.):

They also use Facebook to post about adoption events and rabbit “speed dating” events (since rabbits needs to bond for life) and always post heartwarming pictures of bunny’s being adopted or finding a mate:


The responses on their posts are always overwhelmingly positive and a lot of people share the serious articles. Many people respond to the funny and cute posts and a lot of people comment after the adoption events posting pictures with their new furry friends.

I think their page does a lot to help them keep in touch with their audience and keeps people engaged and I wouldn’t change anything unless I knew specifically that they were looking for a new strategy because the one they have now seems to work brilliantly.

Shein- Online Shopping

Mackenzie Chandler

March 15, 2018

I chose Shein which is a clothing company. This is targeting young women from the ages of 18- 25. This company is promotes sales everyday for women who is on a tight budget or just some great deals to get some sales going. Shein is a company that has been uplifted through youtubers, celebrities and promoters through social media, helping this company grow more and more everyday. This strategy has helped this company tremendously because this is mainly a online store that is not announced publicly through other stores but it is announced through social media itself. Instagram is the biggest social media medium this store promotes its sales the most with young women who make this clothing line exotic. The response Shein posts, how the young women receives it is either they love the clothes or they don’t. When they do like the clothes, people normally post wearing the clothes and tag them to get recognition of the store and sharing it on either Facebook or Instagram.

Image result for screenshots of shein


Overall, social media has progressed a lot of businesses or has broken a lot of companies. For Shein, this company has grown to be a great company and help a lot of young women to express themselves from the inside out. Having companies on social media can have its pros and cons when it comes to everything being online. Different forms of mediums can increase the popularity of a company especially in this day in age because technology is one of the main forms of either communicating, shopping or exploring the internet and people are always wanting to find new things.

Image result for screenshots of shein


Image result for screenshots of shein





Store Website-


101.9FM: on-air and online

Social media has become an important aspect of business for nearly every organization and company doing business in the modern world. Finding followers, increasing interactions, and raising brand-awareness are all tools that can help a business to succeed. For this blog assignment, I chose to take a look at one of the most popular radio stations in the area, Orlando’s 101.9FM. I work in promotions for the school’s radio station, so this project is the perfect opportunity to take a look at their success and how it translates across their social media. The station labels itself as ‘new alternative’ and plays mostly that, ranging from indie alternative to alternative pop.

The station has a large reach; it’s broadcasted over a large geographical area as well as available via online stream from anywhere. Their audience is mostly local people, which I found by browsing through their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers. Many of them had the names of local cities or colleges in their profile bios. However, due to the ability to stream the station live from anywhere with internet access their audience is not entirely geographically bound. They try to target locals in my opinion, they host contests and giveaways for local events. Whenever something notable happens in the area, they attend and cover it via social media and sometimes on-air as well.

Their strategy for reaching more people and building up their audience is the personalize their content. From just glancing at any of their social media profiles (excluding twitter) that their two big radio hosts, Jill and James run the accounts. From my personal experiences, people are more likely to follow and interact with a face than a brand. So by assigning employees with good personalities to essentially sponsor the content and push it out over the company profile accounts, they become more appealing. It quickly becomes apparent that their strategy is personalization. They take candid videos, show off their daily life in the office, as well as share music and local news in this manner. They both have pages on the company website header, where they each post particular articles that align with their personas. By having these two people serve as the face of 101.9FM, they are able to build loyalty and their recognition among their followers and well as be attractive to potential new viewers.

The company posts fairly regularly across all of their platforms. Below are some recent posts which caught my attention and support my analysis of their strategy.


  • Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 3.40.39 PM.png
    • This Facebook live-stream was posted which gives a look at the studio as well as showing one of their partnership programs in action. This gives fans and followers a look at the different ways the company interacts and supports the local community.


Those posts are good examples of the many different ways 101.9FM utilizes their social media profiles. Each platform has different features which make it optimal for everyone to access the information in their preferred format. From sharing news to live-streaming events and posting funny videos and links, 101.9FM does a great job of keeping their content well-rounded. People tend to react positively, there is nothing negative to be found in any of the comments or captions of shared posts. Their response rate is very dependent on which platform it’s being posted on. Twitter is the least popular profile they have, typically scoring very low (0-3) likes or retweets on their posts. The posts on twitter are much more formal and have less personality compared to their other platforms. The overall tone is fairly informal, often times even humorous. The station is also informative in content, but they have a very light tone when terms of captioning their posts and stories. An examples of this is shown in the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 3.38.07 PM.png

In this post, Jill is very short and genuine. Through this, 101.9FM is able to get the information out, while still keeping it simple, also crediting the caption to a specific person. They do a very good job at keeping each posts connected to their personalities. This tone seems to work for them, although they don’t get a ton of interaction from followers all the time. They post a lot of videos, so if I were on their marketing team I would consider posting more photos instead or focusing on the creation process to be slightly more professional in tone. As a company, you want to ensure credibility.  Many of the un-rehearsed videos they post have incorrect grammar, are not visually pleasing (ie- shaky camera). Taking the time to put together a rough script or investing in a gyroscopic mount for the camera are easy things that could help to increase their level of professionalism and following.

Overall, 101.9FM does a very good job putting out content. They have a good spread of material which is posted across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their own website. They are one of the most popular radio stations in the area and have a large audience who has many specific needs. The company should continue to revise its strategy to become more professional while staying informal and personable.

A construction company that hits the nail right on the head


A competitor similar to the one that I plan on using for my social media strategy assignment, is the company, Ryan Homes. Ryan Homes is a residential construction company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The company has constructed more than 390,000 homes across the United States. Ryan Homes uses social media platforms to promote their business and have accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The company’s target audience would primarily consist of people who are interested in buying a new home, renovating an existing home, or who are previous customers.

Ryan Homes has used various strategies on social media such as Facebook to promote their brand and grow their customer base. Over the past few months, the company has posted photos, videos, and blogs relating to home construction. One of the strategies the company uses is posting content that entices users to comment.  For example, the company posted a picture showing two different style houses side by side, with the post titled “Which is your ideal curb appeal: Classic brick or shaded siding? Comment below with your choice!” A company can use this information to make better decisions as well as appear more involved with their customers by commenting back to what users said. This post received 103 likes and 93 comments, which goes to show that posting content with a question is a proven method to increase user engagement. Another strategy the company uses is posting quality pictures of completed projects and videos of home tours. A company may produce quality work, although potential customers do not know that unless they can see it! Showcasing examples of completed work is an effective way to build trust with new customers and prove to them that you know what you are doing. Lastly, another successful strategy the company uses is blogging and posting construction related articles. Construction tips and DIY projects are posted daily on the companies Facebook page. This gives the company more value because they are providing additional services outside of the ones they charge for, which is something all customers appreciate. Strategies such as these have allowed the company to develop a strong presence on social media.

The companies posts generally follow the same theme. That is, they all are an informal and less serious way of showing off projects and providing information to users. Most of the posts use a positive tone, include links or hashtags, and attempt to engage users by asking them for their opinion on things. Overall, I believe Ryan Homes is a great example of how a construction company can use social media to promote their brand.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.52.32 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.49.53 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.46.27 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.49.39 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 11.48.46 PM.png

Where the Wild Things Are

  “Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo.” -Paul Simon

For the purpose of this project, I chose the Australia Zoo’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to analyze. The zoo started as The Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park and the Irwin Family (as in Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter) transformed a few acres of land into one of the leading wildlife conservation facilities in the world.

The Australia Zoo’s target audience is anyone who appreciates wildlife, and cute animals. The Australia Zoo has 123,000 followers on Twitter, 387,000 likes on their Facebook Page, and 387,000 followers on Instagram. In these followers include, celebrities, biologists, animal enthusiasts, conservationists, and even moms planning a family vacation, follows The Australia Zoo

The Australia Zoo usually posts twice a day on social media, and posts the same exact content across all three platforms. They posted 85 times from January 8th-March 11th and these posts display a consistent animal theme throughout. The photo is always staged outdoors, but I found 7 individual content types they post interchangeably. These are the content types:

Invite to Special Event/Expedition: 17% of the time (15 total posts in time period). In order for a post to fall under this categostorery it has to have a link to register or buy a ticket. 


Buy from our Store: .07% (6 total posts in time period).  In order for a post to fall under this category it has to directly call for the viewer to make a purchase.


Animal Ambassador: 17% (15 total posts in time period). To fall in Animal Ambassador the post has to feature one animal and give us the animals name.


 Personify animal: 22% (4 total posts in the time period). This is for posts that give animals human like qualities, such as having lemurs do yoga. yoga

General I love Animals: 22% (22 total posts in the time period). This category is for posts that show an animal but doesn’t tell us what the animal’s name is.

Irwin Family Fan Club: 20% (17 total posts in time period). These are posts just showing love for Steve, Terri, Bindi, and Robert.steven and terri irwin love


Direct Conservation: .07% (6 total posts in time period). For posts that use the word “conservation” in it.

Australia Zoo has a great social media presence because it’s not all science, but it’s also not all play. They celebrate birthdays, but also frequently throw in fun animal facts and knowledge about wildlife conservation. Just check out this post below:

“Crikey! Remember our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital patient, Pinto the koala? He has made great progress with his recovery, and has had his cast removed. Pinto was hit by a car here on the Sunshine Coast. He serves as an important reminder to look out for our precious wildlife when you’re driving. Get well soon, Pinto!”


The overall tone of the zoo’s social media is inviting. They encourage fan photos, and initiate conversation in the comment sections of posts. Overall, it’s a great marketing strategy because people want to go to the zoo to meet their famous animals like Burrow, Pinto, or Kebibi their newest Giraffe. A huge chuck of the zoo’s conservation work comes from ticket sales, and their social media is supporting the cause.