SOCIETY: movements & media (Apr. 2 – 22)

Week 12 • influence of political posting • Apr. 2 – Apr. 8


  1. The Atlantic’s “This Article Won’t Change Your Mind: The facts on why facts alone can’t fight false beliefs” (2017) article
  2. PeerJ “Measuring online social bubbles” [abstract only] (2015) scholarship
  3. Any relevant article on OSoMe’s press links page (describe by title, publication, and year in reading response)
  4. NYTimes “The Alt-Right Majority: How Social Networks Empowered Mass Protests Against Trump” (2017) article
  5. A post from a politician, other than Trump, that you find significant (include screenshot in reading response)
  6. All the news you can digest from the last week related to political tweeting and other activity on social media – seriously, catch up on it for this class
  7. Center for Digital Education’s “How to Create the Perfect Public Service Announcement” (2010) article (no need to include in reading response)

Post reading response 7 (by Mon., Apr. 2 @11:59p)

Attend class: discuss readings and the news; review instructions for digital artifact assignment; listen to Patty Cairn, Research Librarian, talk about research

Submit Blog #8 (by Sun., Apr. 8 @ 11:59p)  – Write a proposal for your digital artifact assignment. Discuss your topic, medium, message, challenges, and group members for this project. Be specific and use concrete detail. Write at least 400 words. Include links to organizations and resources where appropriate. Only one post per group is necessary. Make sure everyone’s name is evident. Add a category to your post: Blog #8. Post to Group Assignment on Canvas. Only one student needs to post for the group.

Week 13 • engagement for social activism • Apr. 9 – Apr. 15


  1. Small’s “The Meaning of a Social Movement” (1897) book excerpt, pages 340-342 only – have patience with this one! History provides context for today’s issues.
  2. TEDTalk “Online social change: easy to organize, hard to win” (2014) (16:12M) video
  3. Wired “How Livestreaming is Transforming Activism Around the World” (2017)(6:01M) video
  4. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication “Social Media and Symbolic Action: Exploring Participation in the Facebook Red Equal Sign Profile Picture Campaign” (2014) abstract
  5. Public Relations Review “Online activists vs. Kraft foods: A case of social media hijacking” (2015) abstract
  6. The 2016 winners of the Shorty Social Good Awards for PSAs used on social media (2016) videos/article
  7. My notes on “Virtually blue: A roundtable on ocean-related environmental awareness in the digital age” being presented this very week at the PCA/ACA Conference in San Diego
  8. Your own credible sources about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Kony 2012, BlackLivesMatter or other social causes that inspired notable social media campaigns – include discussion in reading response

Post reading response 8  (by Mon., Apr. 9 @ 11:59p)

Attend class – discuss readings and the news

Image result for comet pizza fakeWeek 14 • impact of fake news • Apr. 16 – Apr. 22


  1. TEDEx Talk “How false news can spread” (2015) (3:42M) video
  2. Wired “How Photos Fuel the Spread of Fake News” (2016) article
  3. NYTimes “How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News” (2017) article
  4. NYTimes “How the Internet Fuels Paranoid Thinking” (2017) (4:14M)

Be prepared for a reading quiz – one page handwritten notes ok

Attend class – take reading quiz, discuss readings, work on digital artifact, discuss research project with Patty Cairns (Research Librarian)

Submit digital artifact (by Sun., Apr. 22 @ 11:59p)


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