THE PLATFORMS: history, key concepts & sites (Jan. 10 – 21)

a_sunflower-editedWeek 1 • introductions & course overview • Jan. 10 – Jan.14

  1. View AwakenWithJP’s “How To Become More Addicted to Your Phone” (4:13M)(2017) video
  2. Do getting started (by Sun., Jan. 14 @ 11:59p)

Week 2 • key concepts & history • Jan. 15 – Jan. 21

Boy Headphones Telegraph Device Black And WhiteRead/view –

  1. The School of Life “What is History for?” 4:13M (2014) video
  2. Wikipedia “Timeline of Social Media” [skim only – for reference] (2016) wiki
  3. Journal of ComputerMediated Communication “Social network sites: Definition, history, and scholarship” [2 sections only: ‘Social Network Sites: A Definition’ and ‘A History of Social Network Sites’ 2nd through 4th pages] (2007) scholarship
  4. Natural Interaction Group “Technological Determinism” (2016) blog
  5. NYTimes “Online and Scared” (2017) article
  6. YouTube “If people talked like their Instagram captions” (3:38M) (2017) video

Post reading response #1 (by Mon., Jan. 15 @ 11:59p). Hint: Review the reading response instructions. If you’re stuck, consider what the readings say, and scan your social media accounts for evidence that social media technology is a result more of technological determinism, social determinism, or a combination. Consider the posts in a historical context. For example, what would a visitor from 1995 think of posting to 800 Friends: “Dinner with my love. Pinot noir, salmon & asparagus :)”? 

Attend class – discuss readings, do Canva activity

Submit Blog #1 (by Sun., Jan. 21 @ 11:59p)In a group of 2-3 students, create a YouTube video that illustrates how the content posted on personal social media accounts would sound through another medium. You can use the video “If people talked like their Instagram captions” as a basic model or come up with a different idea. Your video should be focused on one social media platform (you will pick one in class), have a title with all group members names, and contain at least three minutes of original content.

  1. Post your video to YouTube
  2. Post the link to the video on the course blog with a short paragraph describing how you approached the project, adding everyone’s names and a category to your post: Blog #1
  3. Post a link to the blog on Canvas for this group assignment
  4. Note that only one person in the group needs to post these links. 

The purpose of this assignment is to highlight the role of social media as a communication medium, analyze the way in which the medium affects the message, consider the purpose of social media in our culture, and experiment with videomaking and technology. 


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