introduction activity

See? Anyone can do it.

We will do this activity in class.

To introduce yourself to your Social Media Communication classmates, turn yourself into a Web meme and post it to the course Facebook Group:

  1. Create an account on the design site,
  2. Click to create a ‘Social Media’ design (800px x 800px) that communicates that something about yourself in the standard form of a meme. Experiment with typeface and color. Add your own image(s). The typical meme font is Impact, which is not available on Canva. You can try using Oswald Bold instead.
  3. Download and save the design as a JPG.
  4. Post the image and a short text introduction about yourself in the Facebook Group.

By completing this activity, you will have registered for required online service for this course, created your first design, introduced yourself to your classmates, and insured that you are able to use Canva as required.


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