Blog 9: Review

Social Media has become such an integral part of our society that it needs its own course in universities. I find this extremely exciting. Social Media is not something that only engineers, or mathematicians, or scientists can study. Social Media is a concept that is important to almost everybody in the world.

This class is more than a class about a general topic. It’s about our generation’s story. Every assignment, especially the case study, was fascinating, and dare I say maybe even fun. Social media affects everything and really everyone. My favorite video for example, was the “Save Mr. Splashy Pants” Ted Talks video (I think that was the name). It’s an example of how a silly joke on the internet can actually do good, or in this case save whales. That video was a feel good story. There were no losers in the event, (well except for the whalers). The whales were saved, and everybody had a good laugh, all because of a stupid internet joke.

My second favorite are the articles on social media viral strategies. While I recall one being by Hootsuite, I believe there were multiple articles and readings we analyzed regarding the topic. The fact that we have already created a process and strategy to become famous using the internet is fascinating. I compare it to marketing. Marketing is all about finding the right target audience, which is easily comparable to social media strategies. As a matter of fact, many companies already use social media for marketing and are very good at it. Take Wendy’s for example.

Social Media is new, yet already relevant. In 30 years I’m going to look back at this class and tell my kids about it, because of the connection it has with the future. Whether it be talking about a president that can’t seem to place his phone down, or whether it be about my personal interest in motorsports and its own connection to social media, which I explored in our case study assignment, it is all new, yet relevant. It has become so in a time where I’m really beginning my adult life, and that’s fascinating to me. In other words, I guess I’m trying to say it’s a part of history. It’s our generation’s “thing”. Much like how the 70’s had hippie love and Vietnam, the 80’s and the beginning to the general use of computers, we have the internet, and with it social media.