How We Failed at Going Viral

How We Failed Going Viral

By Alana Bell and Danielle Rosales
For blog #3 we decided to make a BuzzFeed quiz. We used quizzes because we found that it was a common suggestion on multiple sites that shared tips for going viral. While creating our quiz we used memes, animal pictures, hashtags, and asked relatable questions. Each question had a picture/GIF that would describe the question that was asked. Our theory was to keep it short, simple, and funny. The platform we used to spread our content was Facebook. Humor is typically the best way to get attention from our specific friends list. So, we made sure to incorporate that to enhance our chances of success.

For the results of our quiz, the engagement was disappointing, BuzzFeed does not tell us how many people have taken the quiz, so we were not able to determine true feedback. It would have been better if there was a way to track who took the quiz to see how far the reach was. We received a total of 3 likes, 2 shares, and one comment. One thing we did not consider was the time of day that the quiz was posted. We believe that the time was a contributing factor to the lack of virality. Besides that, we believe that people did not share the post simply because they were not interested in the topic.

All in all, Our viral attempt was a fail… ☹


How “The Shade Room” Changed My Life

The Shade Room is not a traditional celebrity that became famous from its social media content. The Shade Room, commonly known as TSR, is a media company similar to TMZ that talks about celebrity “tea” through its social media platforms. The Platforms they

tuse are Facebook, Instagram, and their Website. The tea is all the gossip, dirty laundry, secrets, and positive news. To start with the origin of the shade room, it was created back in 2014. It was launched initially on Instagram. The name “Shade Room” comes from the term “throwing shade”. When a person says something that is rude, offensive, trash-talk, or just a slick comment it is considered throwing shade. The room is their Instagram page which contains all the posts of shade being thrown. The followers of their social media page are called roommates.

The Audience, Roommates, are predominantly the African American community. It varies from age. My little sister views content from the Shade Room and my mother does as well. The main demographic that I see doing the most interaction would be ages 18-30. The reach is strong because they use all their social media sites to spread information. I know that I tag my friends in multiple posts a day. The posts usually have hundreds of thousands of comments tagging friends. If someone misses the posts on Instagram they usually can catch it on Facebook.

To describe their content, I am going to focus on main things: Celebrity Gossip, Breaking News, Roommates Opinions, and Inspirational Posts (usually from the roommates). Celebrity Gossip is huge right now. The Shade Room is always keeping us roommates updated.

They will have over twenty posts a day about what is going on within the Celebrity community. For example, Russell Simmons and Nelly have recently been accused of Sexual Assault. The Shade Room and has been posting some of the tweets, comments, and other celebrities posts defending them or speaking out against them. Kimora Lee, Russell Simmons ex-Wife made a statement that the claims are ludicrous, and she stands behind him no matter what. Similarly, Shantel Jackson Nelly’s current girlfriend made a statement supporting Nelly and saying that the claims are false.  The Shade Room is able to keep up with EVERY celebrity’s posts and the comments that get the most feedback. The content from TSR is usually taken right off of celebrity’s Instagram’s. It is not like they went digging through their trash, stalked them in public, it is pure posts posted by celebrities specifically. My favorite aspect of this is when they post the hashtag: #PostandDelete. A lot of celebrities will post things and later realize what they said was offensive or came out the wrong way. Whether it is gone or not the Shade Room always has the “receipts.”

For Breaking News, TSR will posts what’s going on around the world. Just this week there was a shooting at a high school in Kentucky and an Earthquake in Alaska. Believe it or not but that is how I found out about both of those catastrophes, through their Instagram posts. I was scrolling down my feed and saw that The Shade Room posted it. When there is an unexpected celebrity death in the black community TSR is the one that breaks the news to me. I do not always have a TV around to tune in to the news, but my phone is always handy. So, it is extremely convenient to have access to such important news with a click of a button.

Roommates opinions has to be the best part of The Shade Room. The posts allow all of the followers to interact with each other and even potentially get recognized on the shade room. Roommates can Direct Message the Shade Room and ask for advice for relationships, situationships, and other drama. For Example,

The goal is to get the Roommates to tell the person what they would say if it was them in the situation.

Last but not least, TSR Inspiration are posts from our roommates encouraging them to push through hard times. These can be through videos, quotes, and pictures. We all have those days where we need to be uplifted by one another. The Shade Room will feature videos that are sent to them on their timeline. The message is always strong and motivational, sometimes that is exactly what you need to get through a tough week.

So… why are they successful? In my eyes I would have to say it is the interaction and strong connection formed through the black community. It is not exclusive to black only but many posts help emphasize what Blacks in America are going through every day. But, it is not always negative. It can be positive things as well. The Shade Room is like a family reunion every day. We have the roommates that tell jokes, funny stories, have hilarious comments, the instigators, and the enticers. The Shade Room brings everyone together. Unity and Laughter. Without the Shade Room Instagram would not be the same for me.


Hi everyone, My name is Alana Bell and on a typical day I use social media to interact with my friends, scroll through Instagram pictures, view snapchats, and also tag my friends in various memes and/or videos. I even occasionally post pictures.

In the video “How to Become More Addicted to Your Phone” I noticed that the video mentions the word anxiety often. Society nowadays is anxious when phones are not in their hands. It is as if the world does not know how to just enjoy something without having to share it. The videos makes it seem as if social media is actually interrupting our lives instead of enhancing it. In the video, JP says “Your attention would start to notice you, if that happens it’s nobody’s fault but your own.” This line made me laugh because it is so funny how society now is at a point where we have to be engaged in what’s going on or we feel as if something is wrong.av

Happy Writing!

Hello Everybody, my name is Cassandra Marie Vella. I’m currently majoring in Human Factors (the title just changed from HF Psychology to HF and Behavioral Neurobiology) and I’m in my 4th year at Embry-Riddle. I have a Nebelung kitty cat here in Florida with me, named Gris (“Gree“).

I typically use social media a lot more than I’d like to admit. I am an editor for a few blogs, and in order to contact my writer friends around the world to discuss these blogs or other writer-y things, we need to use social media since traveling is quite the expense, and my letters keeps getting lost. Between navigating WordPress, Google Drive, Facebook, Youtube, and Skype, I still find time to scroll around on Instagram, Tumblr and the occasional Twitter feed. I have a Pinterest somewhere on the internet, although I get a little lost on there and forget it exists every few months. Fun Fact: someone anonymously accused me of catfishing myself between my Tumblr and Instagram the weekend before school came back. I’ll do some investigating and come back to this one. 

I feel like the video How to Become More Addicted to Your Phone is so cringey, yet so uncomfortably relatable. The quote “I don’t know what that something is that I’m missing out on, but I refuse to miss out on it” got me laughing so hard; at the same time though, in my boredom I feel like I can relate to that.

Excited to see where this class takes us, and I hope to hear from some of you!


Disclaimer: no cat was harmed in the shooting of this post’s featured image.